Monday, March 7, 2011

Protective styling for awhile

I have decided that I'm going to do some protective styles for awhile. Here is my hair in chunky twists so that I can stretch my hair in preparation for mini twists. I will be starting on these in the morning...Haven't decided how long I will keep them in.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pictures Coming soon

My small digital camera was stolen so I haven't been taking pictures. I do however have a DSLR but it's kind of awkward taking pictures of my hair myself using that, but as soon as I figure out how I will be posting pics. (I would use my cell phone but I don't particularly like the quality of the's kinda crappy)

Experiment update

I know this update is kind of late but after leaving the conditioner in over night and rinse out the next morning I'm kind of on the fence about how I feel about the results. My hair was soft and felt moisturized but not quite like I like it. I will be playing around with this (maybe add a thicker base) and see how I like it. But for the most part it is effective if you don't need/want a lot of moisture.