Sunday, September 28, 2008

Men with Locs

Soooooo (since I'm talking about hair, I thought I'd mention it)......I have a thing for men with locs. It's just something about them that makes a man so sexy!! For some reason, men with locs seem so strong and intelligent. Jeff Johnson for example. I had the opportunity to meet this beautiful, intelligent man last year and was intrigued not only by his intellect but also his locs. I've been seeing some pretty good looking guys with locs lately and they've all been so healthy, neat, and long, (hmm....maybe I need to approach these guys) no but seriously I really admire guys with locs. Just some random thoughts ;)

(Photo: Ryan Gentles, Jeff Johnson, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Cobi Jones)


Eb the Celeb said...

whew i cant do it... een if they are neat its just something about a man with more hair and products than me that i just cant do

LaQT said...

I love men with locs also. I love them when they are neat and well groomed. Those guys are soooooo handsome!