Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Morrocan Method (2009 Lunar Haircutting Calendar)

I was on BHM (Black Hair Media) earlier and saw a post about using the Lunar Calendar to help benefit in the health and growth of the hair. It seems very interesting so I've decided that I'm gonna give it a try in the upcoming year. It can't hurt...if anything I'll have even healthy ends at the end of the year. Also, a member mentioned the Vermont Cocktail which is supposed to help promote growth progress. I'm also gonna try this as this is an all natural "growth aid". I will keep you all updated on my progress with this method. For more information on this method you can visit www.morroccomethod.com You'll find the calendar and the recipe plus other beneficial info.


LaQT said...

Never heard of this, but your right can't hurt anything. I don't have a trimming schedule anyway so it may give me something to start with. Thanks for sharing, off to check it out!
Btw, your hair looks great!

MizzB said...

No problem. I'm glad to help anyway I can.

Morrocco said...

Hi Mizz B!

Thank you so much for writing about the Morrocco Method Lunar Hair Cutting Chart! We are so happy to hear you enjoy using our method. Have you tried any of our 100% natural, raw, vegan, wild crafted products yet?


Anthony Morrocco
Founder and CEO Morrocco Method International