Saturday, January 9, 2010

Braids/twists: Protective & transitioning style

So I've been searching the internet, watching vids on youtube, and looking at a book I've had for a couple of years (Hair Talk: Stylish Braids From African Roots by Duyan James) and I have come up with some braid styles I would like to try this year. First, it will either be yarn braids or hair lacing/individual tree braids (Haven't quite decided yet, but I plan to braid my hair at the end of this month). Other types of braids/twists i would like to do this year unless I find one I really like (in no particular order): nubian twists,kinky twists, pixies, individual braids with the ends left out (can't deal with the itty bitty micro braids),senegalese twists, and cornrows. I am determined to learn how to do these myself (youtube is about to be a very useful tool...)

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