Monday, February 28, 2011


So tonight I decided to wash my hair with Elasta Qp Intensive Treatment Stimulating Shampoo (this wasn't the experiment I just like the tingle and I needed to shampoo my hair). Now here is the experiment: I needed a deep conditioner AND I wanted to try out a new product that I picked up earlier today (V05 Tea Therapy Calming Chamomile). Normally I use V05 as a cowash conditioner but I had never used the Tea Therapy "flavors". Instead of using this for cowashing, I decided that I would mix up my own deep conditioner. So I squirted out some of the conditioner, added some honey and some EVOO, mixed it in a small bowl, then applied the mixture to my hair in sections, twisted each section (6 in all), placed a conditioning cap on my head covered with a satin bonnet, and I'm leaving it on overnight. I will rinse it out in the morning and come back to report how my "experiment" turned out.

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