Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm so excited....and I just can't hide it LOL!

So I saw one of my cousins a few days ago and she was asking me about my hair. It seems that I've inspired her to transition. Now this is a big deal because she's the type of person that always felt she had to have straight hair. She would relax every 6 weeks and relaxed bone straight. So we're talking and she mentions that she's growing her hair out naturally because she's tired of relaxing her hair and wants to see what her natural hair looks like (she's been relaxed since she was 3...I know bad bad baddddddddd...and she's now 21 so she's pretty much never seen her natural texture). I just made 12 weeks into my transition as of today and she will be 12 weeks into her's on Sunday, January 31, so she's only a few days off from me so this should be a fun journey for us both. (That's 2 people I've convinced to go natural, let's see how many more I can convince ;) )

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