Thursday, February 4, 2010

♥My Other Love♥

I LOVE MAKEUP!!! If I knew for sure I could have a promising career as a makeup artist, I would aspire to become one. But because I may or may not be able to make a living (especially with all the other competition) I have stuck to being what I call a "hobby makeup artist". I pretty much just do my own, my mom's, aunts', cousins', and friends' makeup. One of my cousins calls me her "personal stylist" because I frequently do her hair and makeup. My best friend (who never wears makeup because she says "I don't even know where to begin")has been my canvas several times. One of her (and mine) favorite looks that I did for her was a black, gray, and gunmetal smokey eye, with bronze blush, and a slightly pink, nude lip. I did this for her birthday right before we went out for the night (she got soooooo many compliments and her hubby loved it). I love to be experimental especially with eye makeup. I will try anything from neutral to bright & bold. I just love it....okay enough of my rambling...

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