Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Look Back at my 2009 Resolutions

So these were my resolutions for 2009:
*Start back getting serious about exercise
*Gain about 10-15 healthy pounds (I need it)
*Continue taking care of my hair so I can reach my goals
*Eat healthier
*Improve my GPA by the time I graduate in May
*Get a better job
*Move out of my parents house
*Read the entire Bible in a year
*Be as stress free as possible

Needless to say, I didn't quite stick with all of them. I have become so lazy when it comes to excercising (it's been about 6 or 7 months since I've been to the gym). Still taking care of my hair but instead of getting longer it's getting shorter (because I keep cutting it...). Diet still looks the same and I'm actually a few pounds lighter (ughh trying to get from 112lbs to at least 130lbs)Still working the same job and living with my parents (although I did get a promotion=decent pay raise...still want a new job though). Graduated college in May with a GPA that wasn't much better HOWEVER in grad school I'm doing EXCELLENT!!!Have yet to completely read the Bible. I did manage to let go of some people that I didn't need in my life, have started to focus more on me rather than what others and what they think of me (I still like to help people as much as possible, but came to realize that I can't give all of me)Overall, I wasn't as stressed.

This year I have only one live and enjoy my life one day at a time (easy enough :) )

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